At Morvah Carn, 2006. Photograph by Shaktipat Sandford

Welcome to my newly updated and expanded website. It was originally set up with the technical assistance of Tim Varley* and was developed from an earlier website created by Philip Goddard.

In this website, you will find some basic factual information about my work as an artist, and images of about a quarter of my paintings from the past forty-five years. There is a greater emphasis, in the ‘Galleries’ section, on recent work.

As far as is possible, I have tried to let my paintings ‘tell their own stories’. Personal details and philosophical speculations have been kept to a minimum. For the time being I have excluded articles, reviews, juvenilia and some commissioned paintings. A new section, entitled ‘Works on paper’ – including drawings, prints, cartoons and desigsn – has been addd, with the help of Joe Grahame and Emily and Mike of ‘Webfooted Designs’.

Thank you for visiting this website. I hope that, having allowed time to let the pictures ‘speak to you’, your visit will provide to have been worthwhile

David Cheepen 2019

*Sadly Tim passed away in January 2016, at the age of 57. He will be greatly missed by all who were privileged to have known him.